Quality & Safety

Quality and safety create the basis of our way of managing. Being a GMP+ certified company, we guarantee the delivery of quality products. Besides this, E.F.S. thoroughly complies with the standards of SecureFeed and is therefore an accredited supplier for many feed companies.

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Transport & Supply

By having it’s own storage facilities and the short lines from E.F.S. to logistics to customer, E.F.S.-Holland can guarantee a quick delivery. A good cooperation with specialised transportation businesses, makes a fast and competent supply of our products possible.

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Besides our products coming from all over the World, they are also spread to all corners of the World. For this, E.F.S.-Holland works together with several distributors who represent our products in various countries. 

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News & Newsletters

E.F.S.-Holland publishes a newsletter several times a year featuring interesting information, research and the latest trade news. If you are interested in receiving our newsletter, please sign up here. You can also download previous newsletters.

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E.F.S.-Holland has been active in the livestock feed industry since 1996 and over recent years has become a specialist in a number of specific areas of nutrition. This specialisation has made our company a valuable consultation partner for our contacts.

The information that you will find in these pages will give you an impression of what our company has to offer.

Please do let us know about any missing or inaccurate information on our site.