About us

E.F.S. stands for Euro Feed Services and was founded by Bert van Bremen and Cees Twint in April 1996. They were both working in the mixed feed industry at the time and both had the drive to set out on their own and establish their own company.

It was then that they had the idea to build a strong network by cooperating with other similar companies in other countries in Europe. They would swap ideas and products to arrive at the optimum combination of strengths and expertise.

The mixed feed industry went through tough times in those early days, with swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, dioxin, avian flu and so on, so E.F.S. increasingly went its own way, and over the years specialised in a number of specific areas within the nutritional aspects of livestock feed.

Following further development and growth, E.F.S.-Deutschland GmbH was formed in 2000 in order to serve the market in German-speaking countries as well as possible. Agents were appointed and partnerships were signed in a number of other countries, meaning that E.F.S. products could be supplied to those countries too.

In 2009, Bert van Bremen took over full ownership of E.F.S. and he continued developing the company together with his team. Cees Twint then went on to pursue his career at the French company Lesaffre.

Further specialisation allowed E.F.S. to earn a reputation as a valuable consultation partner within the industry. Its years of experience and extensive contacts mean that prominent suppliers continue to choose E.F.S. as their distributor or agent.

 E.F.S.’s operations include providing specialist concepts and products to the mixed feed industry. E.F.S. team

This is based on the fact that these products and concepts give added value to the mixed feed, and a win-win situation for all parties. The result is that the company never loses sight of its long-term strategy and always collaborates closely with clients. The company closely follows market developments and often acquires new ideas by visiting international trade fairs and maintaining a global network of contacts.

E.F.S. is ready for the future!