The naturally betaine of ActiBeet® is extracted of beet molasses en is being produced in Europe. The betaine in ActiBeet® is obtained through refining the residues of sugarproduction. This takes place by a special process where saccharides devices precipitate. ActiBeet® Liquid contains at least 40% of betaine.

Application and usage

Through the high content of betaine in ActiBeet®, the addition of Choline chloride can be fully replaced. Choline chloride is very agressive, therefore the stability of the other components will increase sustainable if Choline chloride will be replaced by ActiBeet®

ActiBeet® is also stabil up to 200 degrees Celsius and will remain effective after pelleting, extruding and expanding.

ActiBeet® improves the liver function and energy metabolism in all animal species.

Other advantages are;

  • Faster recovery from diseases:
  • Better feed conversation:
  • And increased growth.

Betaine has a role in water balance and it is considered as a natural solution for osmotic stress relief particular during heat stress periods. Futhermore Betaine reduces the consequences of intestinal infections and increases the breast meat level of broilers.


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