Brocacel® is a pure yeast culture made exclusively by E.F.S. from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.

The yeast goes through a special process to grow metabolites which give the product its unique properties.

Brocacel® is suitable for all species and can be used in all production processes. It is ideal for processing into extruded, expanded and pelleted feeds.

Adding this to the diet promotes the growth of microflora in the stomach/intestines, which leads to improved digestion and better technical results.

Adding it to feeds has a very positive impact on their taste, and Brocacel® is used in the pet food industry as a means to increase acceptance. Kennel tests showed that even adding it to digest resulted in improved acceptance.

General effects

•    Increased dry matter intake
•    Increased peak production
•    Persistent lactation curve
•    Increased milk production
•    Fewer digestive upsets (abomasum)

The key effect for pigs and other monogastrics is the promotion of beneficial bacteria at the back of the gastrointestinal tract. Nutritional components that would otherwise go undigested can then be broken down into volatile fatty acids which the animal can use.

•    Increased feed intake
•    Increased growth
•    Better feed conversion
•    Less constipation (sows)

Pet Food
•    Improved digestion
•    Improved immune system

•    Improved fitness
•    Improved immune system
•    More oxygen carried in the blood


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