Sodium butyrate (30-90% butyrate) or calcium butyrate (30-90% butyrate)

The positive effects of butyric acid have led to growing interest for using it in livestock feed.
Improvements in manufacturing technologies have made it possible to limit its negative properties such as smell and digestibility. In the past, these properties prevented butyric acid from being used in the livestock feed industry regularly or at all.

Buty-Aid™ is a coated butyric acid. Buty-Aid™ promotes enzyme production in the stomach and the small intestine. Butyric acid has a positive effect in pigs and poultry for acidification, digestion, microbiology and gut health. Buty-Aid™ 30% to 70% is available in granulate. Buty-Aid™ 80% to 90% is available in powder form.

Buty-Aid™ can be used for all species.


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