Herbanoplex™ is a phytogenic mixture that inhibits Gram-positive pathogens, including Clostridium Perfringens. It has been developed especially to contribute to the reduction of antibiotics in poultry farming.

Research has shown that the use of Herbanoplex™ has health promoting effects on poultry, due to the remarkable combination of various plant components. These studies show an improvement of intestinal health and an increase in the laying rate and egg weight in laying hens. The use of Herbanoplex™ in broilers improves the feed conversion and decreases the mortality rate.

The health promoting effects lead to a reduction of the average medication use, thus generating a reduction in medication cost.

Herbanoplex™ does not have an inhibiting effect on lactobacillus and bifido bacteria.

The Herbanoplex™ production process is managed by a unique quality assurance system.

Herbanoplex™ is supplied in accordance with GMP+ FSA assurance.


For further information: nutrition@efs-holland.nl