Quality is one of the most important cornerstones for the livestock feed sector.
Sustainability, safety and respect for humans, animals and the environment are all integral to any long-term vision.
So no wonder then that you will find it in everything that E.F.S. does. With the GMP+ quality control system as our starting point, our company is committed to meeting the strictest standards and so can be relied upon to supply quality products and thoroughly considered concepts.
GMP+ certification closely matches QS, which allows E.F.S. to provide its range of products on an equal basis to QS-certified companies.
E.F.S. thoroughly complies with the standards imposed by SecureFeed and is therefore one of the organisation’s accredited suppliers.
We monitor animal feed legislation at home and abroad very closely, which allows us to promptly react to developments and puts E.F.S. at the leading edge by implementing this into its commercial activities.