The E.F.S. RPCs are microencapsulated (trace) elements and have been especially developed to achieve a high absorption capacity in the animal, thus facilitating the highest possible yield and efficacy. By means of a special production technique the (micro) elements are encapsulated into a pellet shaped matrix. The encapsulated (trace) elements (RPCs) are fully available to the animal. The RPCs also are rumen-protected and have an exceptionally high intestinal absorbability.

Research in Western Europe has shown that by using RPCs in piglet feed the levels of zinc can be reduced by at least 50% and the levels of copper by 70% with improved technical performances.
Similar results are found in finishing pigs in which the copper level was reduced by more than 50%.

The following products are available from stock:
- RPC Zinc (40%)
- RPC Copper (12.4%)
- RPC Maganese (15.7%)


For further information: nutrition@efs-holland.nl