RunderFitTM 2.0

 RunderFitTM 2.0 is a sophisticated blend of herbs, yeast and clay minerals.

Extensive trials showed that when RunderFitTM was added to the diet, it reduced the severity of dermatitis and the number of animals with the disease.

The action of RunderFitTM 2.0 is caused by the bio-active substances (also known as phytonutrients or components) present in the selected plants. The plant synthesises these components as a defence mechanism against a range of stress factors and to stop animals from eating them. For example, flavonoids keep plant growth in check and protect plants from fungi and viruses. The medicinal action of flavonoids therefore comes from their ability to fight infections, to boost immunity, to strengthen blood vessels and to improve circulation. Other important components in RunderFitTM 2.0 are: acerbic substances, mucilage, tannins, essential oils, glycosides and alcaloids.
Each of the plants has high levels of these components and RunderFitTM 2.0’s active mechanism is a combination of a number of mechanisms.

Research has shown that natural immunity has a causal relationship with the occurrence of mastitis, contagious claw conditions, fertility problems and the efficacy of vaccinations.


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