Salmon oil

E.F.S. has been supplying salmon oil to the mixed feed industry since 2000 and has gathered a wealth of expertise over recent years. The database we have built up over the past few years is very extensive, and contains our own research findings as well as information on very diverse subjects that are linked to the use of omega fatty acids in animal feeds. All of which information is available for our buyers to access.

The oil is made exclusively from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). These salmon are bred in the firths of Scotland and the fjords of Norway under strictly controlled conditions which replicate their natural environment. The oil is slowly released from the fish using a new, natural process, without using any harmful chemicals or high temperatures. The oil is therefore not subject to the extreme conditions associated with chemical or physical extraction and it therefore retains its internal antioxidant system. This ensures the product is stable and less liable to oxidise. A special dioxin filtration system means that its dioxin content levels are negligible.

Samples of the oil are taken as soon as it is stored and its levels of dioxin, PCBs and fatty acids are checked. Each batch is only released once its results have been made available and approved (positive release).


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